Movement is my passion and my profession. The body and it's movement are my tools to create environments. spaces for people to explore, connect in a deep level, be personal and feel safe to be vulnerable, simple and true

As a performer...
I am an experienced performer on stages as well as in public  places, collaborated with artists of different disciplines such as music, visual artists, poets and filmmakers.
After I finished my study for Bachelor's degree in dance, at the Jerusalem Academy of music and dance, focusing on choreography and performance, I started to work as a dancer with the choreographers May Z
arhi, Eden Wiseman and Merav Cohen.
Today I am a dancer at "Beta" dance group.
As a performer I try to be as present, open minded and professional as I can. Being a contemporary dance performer demands a lot of creativity and an abillity to streach your body and mind boundries. I always try to achive that.

As a creator... 

I grew up in Jerusalem in a political environment, there I became involved with collaborative groups who use art as a tool to bring up social issues and values.
I am fascinated by the way movement can actually MOVE people,
trying to confuse and streach the boundries between art and life.
Therefore, my creations take place mostly In public spaces: 
site-specifis pieces collaborating with verious artists and dancers.

As a teacher... 
As I started my career in dance, I also started exploring the educational aspects of dance. In addition, I began teaching dance classes: technique, improvisation and composition, for children and adults, begginers and advanced classes. I fell in love with the profession. I aim to teach my students how to become independent in class, give them tools to be thorough investigators and explorers of their own movement and body, as well as giving them movement skills that can help them to communicate with each other and the audience. Always searching for practices and lesson structures that can allow my students to do so.

As an Explorer... 
Practicing dance is only one part of the dance world as I see it. To understand dance thoroughly, research is needed. It can help  transform this unique non-verbal form of communication to an accessive language wich can help people who never practiced dance understand and use it's tools. We all live in A body, movement is life. The knowlage and understanding the body and itws movement can help all mankind. 
Today I am studeing for masters degree in choreography at the Jerusalem Academy of music and dance, hoping to get a third degree in addition.

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