• 10/19-2021:  MA in progress (expected summer 2022) in choreography

Academy of Dance and Music, Jerusalem, Israel

  • 10/14-07/16: BEd (awarded in 2020) in Dance and Teaching, Academy of Dance and Music, Jerusalem, Israel 10/13-07/14: Certificate in performance, Action-art, sustainability and education David Yellin College, Jerusalem, Israel

  • 10/12-06/13: Certificate in choreography, Hakvutza b'Yaffo, choreography program, Jaffa, Israel

  • 03/2011Certificate in permaculture, Hava Ve'adam, Modi'in, Israel

  • 09/1996-09/2017: Certificate, Pnina Honigman’s Studio of Dance and Tai-Chi

  • 06/2008: Graduated from 'The Jerusalem High School of the Arts, Fine Arts department



  • 02/2020-2021 Taught contemporary dance at the Academy of Dance and Music, Jerusalem

  • 10/2020-2021 Founder and co-director of Sadeh - Sustainable Culture art and Permaculture program, Bethlehem of the Galilee

  • 01/2019-2021 Artistic director and choreographer of Kfar Tikva dance ensemble for people with special needs, K. Tivo'n, Israel

  • 02/2020-2021 Teacher at Sadeh - Sustainable Culture Dance and Choreography program, Bethlehem of the Galilee

  • 03/2020-2021 Co-founder. co-director and teacher of Na Na Dance and Choreography program, Bethlehem of the Galilee 

  • 09/2019-08/2021 Movement teacher for actors at Ha’studio Professional Acting School, Haifa, Israel 

  • 09/2017-06/2019: Taught dance to beginners at "Beitnua Studio”, Haifa Israel

  • 09/2013- 07/2017: Taught dance to adults at Pnina Honigman’s Studio, Jerusalem, Israel

  • 09/2012-07/2013: Coordinated the program Bustan Hashalom at Sataf, Jerusalem

  • 09/2009-08/2012: Established a modern dance group of high school students, at ORT, Sci-Tech High School, Tiberias, Israel

  • 09/2008-09/2009 Taught high school students at WIZO Boarding School, Nahalal, Israel



  • 03/2021-06/2021 Created the dance “Notifications” for the Jerusalem Academy of Music and DanceDance Ensemble, performed at Israel Festival, 6/2021 Jerusalem

  • 03/2018-2021 Created and performed the duet “Birth Mark” with Orit Livne, Bethlehem of the Galilee, 05/2021

  • 19/2020-2021 Performed the solo “Utopia and the Night” choreographed by Prof. Neta Pulvermacher, “10/20  Festival ”, Jerusalem,  2/2021

  • 07/2018-2021 Created and performed the dance solo "Archetype" at Barbour Gallery, Jerusalem 

  • 07/2018-2021 Created and performed the dance solo "Archetype", Struck Museum, Haifa

  • 07/2018-2021 Performed the dance solo "Archetype" at Sphera, Klil 

  • Performed the dance solo "Archetype" at Urban Art Festival, Haifa, 9/ 2019

  • Created and performed duet “Dependent on the Distance” with Orit Livne, at PAF France, 2019,  

  • 07/2018-2021 Performed "Archetype", co-created with artist and choreographer Eden Wiseman and Musician Ori Dvir in Between Heaven & Earth Festival 2018, Jerusalem/Haifa Oct. 10/2018

  • 01/2018-08/2018 Performed "The Foyer" in Masie Dance 2018, Jerusalem 7-8/ 2018  

  • 01/2018-08/2018 Performed "The Foyer" in Menashe Forest Festival 20185/2018

  • 01/2018-08/2021 Performed "The Foyer" in "Haifa Museum of Art" Haifa1/2018 

  • 02/2018-07/2018 Performed “Want Some Tea? / House Parts”, Karov Me'od Festival, Haifa,

  • 03/2018- 2021 Danced with Beta Dance Company, Haifa, Israel

  • 10/2015-07/2016 created and performed “MATERA” at the ‘Terrace’ Center, Jerusalem.

  • 02/2015 Won a prize in Gertrud Kraus Competition in the music and dance composition category.

  • 02/2015-06/2015 Created and performed “In My Room” in Nanodance-Microfast Festival at the Zimmer, Tel Aviv, 6/2015.

  • 07/2014- 02/2014 Performed “The Refrigerators” in Shaon Horef Festival, Jerusalem.

  • 09/2009:  Exhibited the miniature series Tsalmios, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jaffa

  • 08/2008: Exhibited the collage series Gluyot Smuyot, Hanina Gallery, Jaffa




  • 03/2017- 06/2018 May Zarhy and Michal Oppenheim “The Voices” at Recontres Choreographic Festival, Paris, France, 6/2018

  • 08/2017- 02/2018 Merav Cohen “Ezor Pere Megundar” at Haifa Theater, 2/ 2018

  • 02/2017-06/2017 Eden Wiseman “La Fuga” at Spoleto Festiva”, Spoleto, Italy, 6/2017

  • 10/2014-02/2015 Maayan Gur “Four-footed Upright” at ‘Machol Shalem’, Jerusalem, 2/2015